We strive to become one of the most successful global providers for automation solutions and special machine equipment, and to exceed all the expectations of our customers.

Professionalism and Knowledge

We provide thoughtful, client-centered and creative services from top-level engineers and staff members. Seidel’s name is fast becoming widely identified as a leader in the field.


To us, effective creativity implies outside-the-box conception of new product construction or design ideas. We come to each project with unusual passion and commitment, striving to take our collective technological wisdom to a brand-new level.


At Seidel, innovation is a never-ending process. It means constantly improving ideas to bring every concept to its perfection, which we define as the maximum satisfaction of our customers’ needs.


Flexibility is a watchword at Seidel. It means that we adapt and improvise when needed, because change is the norm, not the exception. To us, meeting technical requirements is our primary intention. Our second aim is to provide clients with a well functioning product and to further remain reliable on our clients’ behalf.


We are a team of highly qualified engineers and staff members offering world-class automation solutions and the production of special machine equipment. Our vision reaches far past customer expectations to provide the highest level of technological know-how. It is a source of pride that we remain passionate and innovative in our creations, continuously adapting to changing circumstances in order to guarantee our customers the pinnacle of service in our industry.


Simply stated, our mission is to provide our customers with highly functional, safe products, developed with a high degree of imagination, integrity, commitment and professionalism. Our top priority is to ensure that our customers can use our products flexibly and advantageously well into the future.