X Clean - automatic cleaning station



X Clean - The Full Automatic cleaning station

The X Clean was designed for full automatic robot manufacturing lines with an End of Line automated CMM measuring station. Parts to be cleaned from Oil, Coolant, chips and other residue will be handed placed In the X Clean Process chamber by a robot. Cleaning process is divided in spray cleaning to remove rough dirt and oil, Ultrasonic application to remove dirts and particles in small pockets, cavities and grooves. Soft Cleaning by circulating the cleaning fluid in the process tank and final rinsing and drying of the workpiece. A range of different cleaning programs can be selected to provide best cleaning results.


  • Cleaning of workpieces, EDM Electrodes, mould cavities and   many more
  • Can be equipped with all clamping systems, Such as Erowa3R, magnetic fixtures 
  • Installation on robot lines, single cells or as stand alone solution
  • 3 Way Filter System, totally 4 filters,  Oil Seperator
  • 10 different cleaning programs
  • 250kg payload
  • Maximum dimensions of workpiece 400mm x 400mm x 370mm
  • All parts in contact with fluid are made in stainless steel

X Clean

Technical Data
Weight:     1,500kg
Power consumption: average 6KW
Dimensions Loading Window: 600mm x 800mm
Chucking Systems: Erowa, 3R, indivisual designs
Max Payload : 250kg
Max workpiece Dimension: 400mm x 400mm x 370mm
Filters: 2x combined stainless steel filter mesh and bag filters
Strainer: stainless steel filter mesh
Storage Tank       : 260L
Rinsing Tank        : 150L
Process Tank        :300L

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