• Cleaning of workpieces, mold plates and cavities, motor parts, Breaking system parts, carburetors, and many more
  • 2 Way Filter System, active Oil
  • Separator 200kg payload
  • Maximum dimensions of workpiece 800mm x 600mm x 400mm
  • All parts in contact with fluid are made in stainless steel
Weight 1500kg
Power consumption average 6KW
Dimensions Loading Window 600mm x 800mm
Chucking Systems Erowa, 3R, individual designs
Max. Payload: 250kg
Max. Workpiece Dimension 400mm x 400mm x 370mm
Filters 2x combined stainless steel filter mesh and bag filters
Strainer stainless steel filter mesh
Storage Tank 260L
Rinsing Tank 150L
Process Tank 300L
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Intensity display
  • Digital timer
Ultrasonic Frequency 28kHz
Timer 1 min. to 90 min.
Power Supply AC 380V Phase
Heating Power 8000W, max. 80°C
Ultrasonic Power 3600W
Pump 300W