Outer Dimensions 1300mm x 1530 x 1100mm (LxWxH)
Tank Dimensions 1000mm x 600mm x 600mm (LxWxH)
Tank Capacity 360 L
Max. Recommended Fill 340 L
Material Stainless Steel SUS 304
Tank Bottom Surface Chrome Plates Stainless Steel SUS 304, 15um
Net. Weight 330kg
Plumbing Valves Stainless Steel SUS 304
Pump Impeller and Housing SUS 304
Coarse Filter Stainless Steel Filter
Micro Filter Bag Filter 25um
  • Cleans workpieces
  • EDM electrodes, mold cavities, and more
  • Can be equipped with all clamping systems, such as Erowa, 3R, and magnetic fixtures
  • Installation on robot lines, single cells, or as a stand-alone solution
  • Three-way filter system, 4 filters (total), oil separator, and 10 different cleaning programs
  • 250 kg payload
  • Maximum dimensions of workpiece: 400mm x 400mm x 370mm
  • All parts in contact with fluid are made from stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Intensity display
  • Digital timer
Ultrasonic Frequency 28kHz
Timer 1 min. to 90 min.
Power Supply AC 380V Phase
Heating Power 8000W, max. 80°C
Ultrasonic Power 3600W
Pump 300W
Certificates CCC, CE, ROHS