Weight 1200kg
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions Loading Window 600mm x 800mm
Chucking Systems Erowa, 3R, individual designs
Max. Payload 250kg
Max. Work piece Dimension 400mm x 400mm x 370mm
Filters 2x combined stainless steel filter mesh and bag filters
Strainer stainless steel filter mesh
Storage Tank 100L
  • Fully integrated into automatic manufacturing lines
  • Automatic opening and closing door
  • Robot loading and unloading of workpieces
  • An air gun and a spray gun inside the process chamber
  • The workpiece table can easily be turned by hand
  • The oil pours into a coalescing pool to keep the storage tank clean of chips and excess oil
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Intensity display
  • Digital timer
Power Supply 50kw